Different companies, for various reasons there is a need to audit, in one case the founder or investor wants to know the state of affairs in the company and in the other case, the directors or the shareholders want to eliminate the tax risks.


Depending on the situation, we are offering different types of audit services:

The audit of the financial (accounting) – is an essential tool in the hands of shareholders and investors to safeguard their interests. Our company ID 400096007 has Fifth Category from government regulator –  SARAS-F-224957.    https://www.saras.gov.ge/en/Home/

Tax Audit – most frequently requested type of audit in Georgia, the largest number of manufactured audit of our company’s strength is concerned this issue – to minimize the risk in the event of a tax audit.

Representation in tax disputes – According to our observations the presence of qualified auditors and / or a lawyer as a representative to the tax audit on 25-50% reduces, and in some cases even 100% reduction in tax penalties imposed on the company being audited

Property Valuation – Very often, for various reasons, jur. and nat. Persons in need of assessment of a property (in the auditor’s report on the cost)

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